Friday, September 23, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

lovely brown

I just love the rich colors in shades of brown
and this set showcases some of that i think,
thanks for looking..

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I love to make pincushions and have a few 
this is one i finished today...

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I absolutely love upholstery fabric and corduroy...

This one took me a while to do I even used recycled material for the batting

My mother had a heating mattress pad and she

seam ripped apart the usable material for me.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

What it's like to be a disabled artist

What is it like to be a disabled artist?...

Living with a long list of health issues and being disabled on many levels.
Being a creative soul with a disability has it's own set of frustrations.

Before I was in the wonderful world of sewing, quilting, jewelry making and card making I was
a musician.  I played Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone, and Keyboard.

I also enjoyed composing classical music.

Then out of nowhere I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4a.
I was given a 50% survival rating.

Because the cancer started in my arm pit and then progressed
to my lungs causing me to be left with Lung Disease.

I am left with 50/60% lung capacity
Post infalmatory fibrosis
and Asthma

That awful combination left me impaired to no longer be able to play.
I became very depressed.

I remember looking online yes back in the day when the internet
wasn't quite yet so widely used.  And I saw some beautiful sewing projects.

I then decided I was going to teach myself how to sew.  I'm creative
by nature and I felt I needed to still be creative.

I saved up aluminum cans and bought my first sewing machine.
I live on a very tight budget with not being able to work.

I went to the library when I could and researched sewing.

Then of course after cancer I unfortunately developed some more disabling health issues

I have CRPS in my right arm and hand and on it's bad days no creating.

I have lymphedema in my legs which when it flairs I limit my sitting time.

Prior to cancer and chemo 
I have Menieres disease with nasty vertigo so when that flairs
yep you guessed it no creating.

I also have epilepsy and am diagnosed with
generalized non convulsive epilepsy with absent seizures 
and myolonus in my head and mouth.

I can't drive because of the menieres and epilepsy.

So unlike other artists I can't just hop in the car
and go to other events and hope to sell my creations. 
I really wish I could that more.  And no I refuse to do Etsy
and pay someone to sell my creations and i don't have a lot of $$$ for shipping etc.

I have to wait for weekends when my husband can take me.

Through dealing with it all I would be extremely LOST
if I could not create at all.

Creating is my passion, it's what makes my soul smile and be happy 

and on the good days creating itself is my therapy!

Happy Creating!