Tuesday, June 10, 2014

living with

I just wish people would understand that we don't ask for our health problems
we had dreams and goals.  It's not fun having to plan around an illness.
The judging needs to stop.  

New Jewelry

Sunday, June 8, 2014

patriotic runner

My dad was military and i grew up loving to watch world war 2 movies
and vietnam movies.  In fact I wanted to go into the Marines up untill I was 16 years old.
But then that is when my seizure disorder started.  But I have such a love
for my country (usa) and our freedoms that many take for granted.  Loved using some denim 
in this too.  I should have ironed this a bit so sorry about the wrinkles.


Boho jewelry set

This is a color combo I never thought I would like
but love it...


Hardware Earrings

These were a lot of fun to make.