Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A note

With all that I deal with health wise i take comfort in being able to sew craft and bead.  It helps me take my mind off my pain and other issues.  The internet has helped me connect with other great crafters sewers beaders quilters who inspire and encourage me.  It is a blessing in my life that I am so grateful for.

I also like to connect with others who may suffer from some of the same health issues I do.  Many
of my health issues didn't start until after my cancer/chemo.
I had hodgkin's lymphoma stage 4a
I was given a 50% survival rating and went through grueling chemo.  I became
toxic to one of the drugs so had to go longer on the 3 that were left. (ABVD)

I support invisible illness awareness and hope that what I deal with
can somehow help others.

Before cancer

Complex partial seizure disorder with myoclonus
Menieres Disease

After Cancer

Lymphedema (legs)
RSD-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Over Active Bladder
Sleep Apnea
Post inflamatory pulmonary fibrosis (50-60 lung capacity with bad asthma and copd "like" symptoms)
lower back pain with hip and groin pain hip bursitis

Being stuck at home and not being able to drive
takes it's toll.  However having the outlet I have for crafting sewing and beading
helps in ways you can't imagine.

I was a musician prior to cancer I played Clarinet and sax and keyboard
and I composed classical music.  Playing Jazz was my favorite.
I miss it something awful.  

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog
and I look forward to sharing more projects with you
and seeing your wonderful creations.

Happy Creating


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Christmas Fabric Scraps to Apron

Trying to make the most out of my Christmas Fabric Scraps
and believe it or not I have more to use up :)