Saturday, November 22, 2014

I am me

I felt compelled to post about this so please excuse the rambling.  I have all types of friends and I love that.  I absolutely REFUSE to be a certain way to "fit in" or to change who I am to gain sales etc.  I am self taught in everything I create.  I don't have big bucks for big craft fair booths would like to try a craft fair someday though because I bet they are fun.  Selling has been a way to have a sense of purpose again being stuck at home and not being able to drive or have a job. (I have many non visible illnesses)  Yes I do have a sellers permit.  And yes many times I take a loss to keep my prices reasonable.  I absolutely LOVE getting to know new creative people online and local, and Love getting to know my customers.

I put a lot of love and hard work into everything I create.  I refuse to change for trendy or what that person over there is selling and selling a lot of.

And please also know that i appreciate every single comment and words of encouragement.  You have know idea what that means.

I also love old style, vintage, repurposed works of art
I appreciate maners and values and respect.

I am me and thank you for support and encouragement.

Happy Creating

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

butterfly pendent necklace

When I saw the bead I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.

there are a couple more left so will try and see if i can make more styles.

thanks for looking