Friday, June 24, 2016

pushing away fear in learning something new

When you are self taught in doing the things you love like jewelry making sewing and quilting there is always that fear factor of learning something new.

Well I finally pushed some of that fear away and decided to try a new sewing adventure.  I've always loved dolls and doll clothes especially when i see some of the most beautiful and beautifully embellished handmade ones.

This is my very first attempt at trying a shirt and skirt for an 18" in doll.

Far from perfect and needs tweaking but I'm very proud of myself for trying something new that I have wanted to do.

Thanks for looking....


Jean said...

I love sewing doll clothes Heather. That size is a nice size to start with. Very cute.

Heather's Haven said...

thank you Jean it's a lot to learn but a lot of fun